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8 daily tips for a healthier skin

October 12, 2021

8 daily tips for a healthier skin

Having flawless healthy skin is everyone’s dream, and it might seem impossible for some people to have. Yet, all it takes is dedication to a few simple steps, creating a skin care routine that keeps your skin in its best state along with adopting healthy habits.

Here are a few steps that, if followed, will see perfect results with time.

1- Wash your skin thoroughly every day.

This is an integral and first step in your skin routine, regardless how simple or complicated it might be. Cleanser should be an integral product in your skin care routine. Make sure to use a cleanser that matches your skin type.

Even if you don’t wear makeup every day and never wear makeup to bed, cleansing your face helps you get rid of all the accumulated impurities it was exposed to throughout the day. Eva Skin Clinic Collagen cleanser gently cleanses your skin, yet deeply removes the impurities accumulated throughout the day, and it goes well with all skin types.

2- Moisturize your skin on a daily basis.

Similar to cleansers, a moisturizer is a must-have skin care product. Especially after a bath, because a good moisturizer locks in the water your skin absorbs from the bath.

You might think that moisturizers are only for dry skin, surprisingly enough, moisturizers prevent skin from extreme dryness or extreme oiliness. Always make sure to choose a product that contains vitamins and SPF 15 for protection from sun rays during the day.

3- Exfoliate your face regularly.

Sometimes dead skin needs a little encouragement to get away, exfoliating whisks away dead skin and leaves the remaining looking shiny and fresh.

Choose your exfoliator wisely and make sure to be gentle because harsh exfoliation can damage skin, cause breakouts and micro scars to your skin.

Eva Skin Clinic White pearl offers you a scrub that could be used once to twice a week and enjoy your bright healthy skin.

4- Use sunscreen.

As much as our skin benefits from the sun, it is also very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. That is why it is essential to use sunscreen as a part of your daily skin routine, not just during summer. The most instant damage you’ll see is discoloration, however on the long run you might witness the appearance of wrinkles and in several cases it might cause skin cancer.

So to make sure you have the healthy skin you wish for, use sunscreen on a daily basis and protect your skin from sunburns, inflammations and any other potential damages.

5- Stay hydrated

Drinking appropriate amounts of water not only hydrates your body, but it is also the best natural way to give your skin the perfect glow. It tightens skin and eliminates sagging, it balances the pH of your skin, it maintains the skin elasticity which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also removes toxins from the body so it unclogs pores and prevents pimples and acne from occurring as it gives you a fresh clean skin.

So, make sure to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and keep your body and skin always fresh and young.

6- Getting a good night’s sleep everyday helps your skin rejuvenate.

Having a good night sleep helps your skin in renewing collagen and reducing the risk of having wrinkles. It also increases blood flow in your body which makes you wake up with an already glowing skin, on the contrary, if you’re sleep-deprived you’ll feel paleness in your skin.

Mentioning that, it is important to say that sleep makes your skin benefit from your night skin routine better by highly absorbing the products. Also, one of the most observed effects of not sleeping well is puffy eyes and dark circles.

So, make sure to get yourself a good 7 hours of sleep at night for more glowing and healthy skin.

7- You are what you eat!

Drinking less coffee keeps you hydrated, eating less processed food and more fresh vegetables keeps your skin healthy and cutting down on sugar and dairy while adding olive oil to your meals keeps your skin looking healthy and young.

8- Identify your skin type

This is very important to determine the best daily skin care products that best suit your skin, and avoid any irritations or opposing results to your expectations.

You can read more on how to determine your skin type and tailor a skin routine that best suits your skin.

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