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Research & Development

The R&D department at Eva Cosmetics has been the formula designer and developer of many of the most successful products in the market. With more than 20 years of experience with various formulations and the most extensive R&D facilities for cosmetics in Egypt, the department is continually expanding its range of activities and research capabilities.

R&D Professionals

At Eva, we believe that good calibers have pivotal role in our success. The R&D team

  • Consists of professional pharmacists and chemists with specialized training in the cosmetic industry and cosmetic chemistry.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends of the industry.
  • Attend the most prestigious events of the industry (e.g. In-Cosmetics Global, IMCAS and In-Cosmetics Formulation Summit to name a few)

R&D Capabilities & Facilities

Categories We Provide +-

We offer the following categories of cosmetic / beauty products including but not limited to

Skin Care

  • Face Cream
  • Gel-Creams
  • Face Lotion
  • Face Mask
  • Face Serum
  • Face Toner
  • Face Oils/ Dry Oils
  • Face & Body Sunscreen
  • Make-up remover
  • Exfoliator

Hair Care

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Mask
  • Leave-in/Styling Cream
  • Styling Pomades/Wax
  • Styling Gel
  • Styling Gel
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Serum
  • Hair Tonic/Spray

Body Care & Hygiene

  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Body Mist/ Fragrance
  • Hand Wash
  • Hand & Nails Care
  • Foot Cream
  • Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Men Care

  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Gel
  • After-Shave Care
  • Styling Gel
  • Styling Pomade/Wax
  • Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Baby Care

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Diaper Cream
  • Powder

Oral Care

  • Toothpaste
  • Tooth Powder
  • Mouthwash

Specialty Care

  • Hair removal Cream
  • Hair Bleaching System
  • Nail Polish Remover

Cosmeceutical Solutions

The R&D has the expertise to develop highly active cosmeceutical solutions with various functions including but not limited to

  • In-house Development of Encapsulation/Nano Delivery Systems
  • Anti-Dandruff Care
  • Lightening/anti-hyperpigmentation
  • Anti-ageing Care
  • Hyaluronic Acid Products
  • Eczema/Xerosis Care
  • Peptides-based Products
  • Anti-Acne Care
  • Stable High SPF Solutions
  • Anti-Hair Loss Care

Regular Equipment

In addition to the regular lab equipment (regular and sensitive scales, ovens … etc.), the R&D Lab is fully equipped to perform formulation and samples on different scales. Examples of the equipment include

Small-scale German-Type Mixer
High Pressure Homogenizer

Examples of analytical equipment used for formula analysis, as well as for research projects include:

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
Zeta Potential & Nano Particle Size Analyzer
Gas Chromatography

Custom Formulation

Overview +-

In addition to formulas developed for in-house brands, the R&D is working closely with clients who want to develop custom formulas for their own brand and benefit from the R&D expertise in addition to the manufacturing facilities at Eva.

The R&D’s extensive experience in the local and regional market means true customization of unique formulas and flexibility to accommodate clients’ specific requirements for budget and marketing agenda. For this purpose, the R&D provides extensive support to clients’ marketing units.

Step1: Initial Consultation +-

We work with our clients on defining the technical aspects of their ideas, and develop their concepts by providing value-adding input when it comes to products functionality and ingredients selection, having the benefit of our extensive experience and deep knowledge of raw materials, formulation and on-going/up-coming trends of the industry.

Step 2: Implementation Of The Concept +-

After initial agreement on the preliminary aspects of the project, we work with our clients to provide them with

  • Scientific claims for their products that could be used for marketing purposes
  • Regulatory & technical consultancy for the formulas and artworks
  • Development of samples according to their concept, target consumer segment, budget and indented functionalities
  • Amending the samples according to client’s comments until they are satisfied with their product.

Step 3: Validation Of The Formula +-

After reaching an approved formula with the client we work on

  • Pilot Batches
  • Full accelerated stability study to ensure a high quality product by testing its chemical, physical and microbiological stability as well as the suitability and compatibility with the final pack choice.

Step 4: Industrial Production +-

The R&D develops all the needed specifications and quality agreements as well as the industrial manufacturing procedure of the formulas. The R&D also attends the first batches of industrial production of new products to ensure proper validation and implementation of the manufacturing procedure on the large-scale manufacturing machines.

Regulatory Support

Regulatory officers working specifically for the R&D ensure

  • the R&D formula development is always compliant to our target markets (Egyptian MOH Regulations, European Regulations, KSA Regulations … etc.)
  • The compliance of the developed marketing texts and artworks.
  • That the R&D is always updated with latest regulations to avoid any issues with the registration process and are able to provide support to customers who wish to employ our resources to handle their registration process.

Have your state of the art brand developed, manufactured & packaged.