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Global Supply Chain

We have a huge Supply Chain network covering the Globe.

Vision & Priorities

Global Supply Chain’s Vision

Our vision is customer-driven, as we do our best to deliver high quality products as promised by our sales team. We thrive to understand the customer behavior to plan our Supply Chain strategies leveraging our growth scale and working for the best of our group of companies.

Purchasing Roles and Responsibilities+-

Purchasing Function manages the sourcing and overall relationship with suppliers, in order to obtain the expected delivery of needs and value creation and reach best-in-industry performance.

The Purchasing responsibility covers the full scope of what suppliers contribute to, from Customer Satisfaction through Quality & service level, to economics, terms and conditions, legal aspects, collaborative projects execution, innovation, compliance, sustainability and ethics …

Purchasing Function is accountable for the suppliers’ selection and their overall performance. Yet, some specific responsibility is shared with and with support from the related organizations and specific functions (R&D, Quality, Legal, etc..) who play a key role in elaborating the relevant information & expectation to Suppliers.

Logistics & Planning

Logistics & Planning function is one of the fundamental elements of Global Supply Chain, equipped with Distribution Centers and end-to-end Control points across the globe. The function operates with a huge team of who manages a wide range of deliveries and shipments throughout the year.