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“Enriching Lives Through Better Personal Care”

Women Empowerment


At Eva Cosmetics, supporting and empowering women is at our DNA and its a focal point for all our activities. We vowed to enrich women’s lives, not only through providing the best personal care products to women from all walks of life, but also supporting them in all aspects of their lives to reach their maximum potentials.

Women Health

Healthy women lead a better life, that’s why we understand the importance of raising awareness and educating women about health issues that they are most likely to face over the course of their lives.

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Differences are sometimes seen as challenging or unaccepted. Yet, we recognize how differences are important for any society to be diverse and complete. That is why Eva Cosmetics’ culture is diverse, it includes women from all walks of life, all colors, ages and capabilities.

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Fighting against sexual harassment

Eva Cosmetics promotes a safe environment for women to work in, and dreams of helping to create a safe environment for every Egyptian girl and women to live in. That is why we partnered with the well-known Egyptian singer Nessma Mahgoub and Safe kids to ally women in their fight against sexual harassment with all its forms. From little girls to elder women, each of them should be equipped to get through that inevitable battle.

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