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Clinical Studies

Eva cosmetics collaborates with accredited European labs to conduct safety, efficacy and claim substantiation support testing for cosmetic and personal care products so helping consumers build confidence in your brand. Testing is done using instrumental methods or experts’ evaluation.

Examples of safety studies :

  • Dermatological test (to claim “dermatologically tested on the product”)
  • Opthalmological test for products intended to be used around the eye area (to claim “opthalmologically tested” on the product)
  • Patch test
  • Skin sensitization test
  • Eye Irritation test for surfactant products
  • Comedogenicity/Acnegenicity potential testing (to claim “non-comedogenic” on the product)

Examples of efficacy/claim substantiation tests :

  • SPF & UVA rating (for sunscreen products)
  • Water-resistance tests
  • Skin hydration claims
  • Anti-ageing claims (e.g. evaluation of improvement of wrinkle lines number & depth, improvement of skin viscoelastic properties … etc.)
  • Anti-hyperpigmentation claims (e.g. dark spots and skin tone evaluation)
  • Anti-acne claims (e.g. evaluation of changes in pore visibility, skin shininess, improvement of acne lesions … etc.)
  • Anti-hair loss and hair re-growth claims (e.g. evaluation of improvement of hair density and improvement of Anagen to Telogen ratio … etc.)
  • Anti-dandruff claims (e.g. evaluation of changes in scalp sebum, changes in dandruff scales weight & surfaces … etc.)

Figure 1 Example of skin evaluation/visualization techniques

Animal Testing Policy :

Eva Cosmetics does not test its products on animals