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“Enriching Lives Through Better Personal Care”

Culture at EVA Cosmetics

Our strength lies in one golden rule, to never forget how and why this business was brought to life; a promise to enrich lives and solve problems is what guides us. Holding on to the promises and values of our founder Dr Riad Armanious is the reason we’ve succeeded this far and will be the reason we excel in the future.

EVA Cosmetics Values



Customer Frist




Passion For Success

Positive Impact

Today, at Eva Cosmetics we continue to honor the legacy of the Armanious group and its founder through continuing to adapt all original values and work ethic as well as the renowned commitment to perfection. We believe that practicing strong business ethics is the ultimate win-win for everyone. We believe in the power of the motivated employee that’s why we empower our people and arm them with all the resources they need to excel. Our belief in the company’s values goes far beyond reciting them repetitively; they are the foundation for all everyday business decisions.


Eva Cosmetics Nursery has been established in 2004 in El Haram Factory location and then moved to the 6th of October new premises in 2008 to serve our employees.
The nursery’s purpose is to provide working mothers with a comfortable and calm working environment, guaranteed that their children are in a safe hands at Eva Cosmetics nursery, learning and having fun.
Our goal is to raise a generation with a healthy and stable psychological and physical life, to be capable of facing life's challenges.

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