Eva Cosmetics, one of the leading personal care manufacturer in Egypt | eva Eva Cosmetics, one of the leading personal care manufacturer in Egypt

“Enriching Lives Through Better Personal Care”

About EVA

Eva Cosmetics is one of the leading Egyptian personal care manufacturers, with over 100 years of experience under the belt of its founding entity, EVA Group. It has become the source of over 20 of the most popular personal care brands and an essential part of the Egyptians’ daily life.
With a history of 50 years, Eva Cosmetics has always been evolving, offering new innovations and technologies to the market.
Today, Eva Cosmetics offers a wide range of hair and skin solutions carefully balancing technology and the power of natural ingredients. With a portfolio that includes over 20 of the strongest brands across segments; namely, skin care in which Eva Cosmetics is the market leader with 12.5% value share and 19% volume share, hair care, depilatory, sun care, oral care and male grooming, Eva Cosmetics is the leading personal care company in Egypt and expanding worldwide.
Eva Cosmetics’ most recent manufacturing facility has the capacity of over 385 million units a year. Its stamp of efficiency and productivity is illustrated in its accreditation and proven through the many organizations that choose to manufacture through it.


We take pride in searching mother nature every day to create natural care products that enrich the lives and souls of women all over the world.


To be the leader of personal care products, building on our strong heritage of integrity and credibility


Our strategy is to sustain leadership in high quality personal care solutions that balance the power of nature and technology.
Furthermore, we strategically grow from the MENA region to the world through state of the art manufacturing facilities that utilize both deep and localized consumer insights to touch and share in the lives of millions. We promise to lead the manufacturing field by being a strategically located partner in their success. Our commitment is a lifetime of responsible growth that places people at the center of every decision

consumer insights to touch and share in the lives of millions. We promise to lead the manufacturing field by being a strategically located partner in their success. Our commitment is a lifetime of responsible growth that places people at the center of every decision.

Our Legacy

Droguerie Riad Armanious

Redefining the phrase ``starting from scratch``, Dr. Riad Armanious built the group, now known as EVA Group, with the launch of 1 pharmacy.

Egypt’s oldest and most reputable pharmacy was born in 1919. The Armanious name grew and a reputation of excellence and trust was beginning to flourish.

Pharmacie La Santé


Pharmacie La Santé


Dr Riad continued on his path and created Egypt’s 2nd pharmaceutical company in Egypt through building a lab specializing in effective and innovative formulas.

Dr. Mounir Riad Armanious continued his father’s success by building on the strong heritage of EVA group and created Eva Cosmetics, a personal care manufacturing plant. His plans to expand did not stop there and throughout the years he has stayed ahead of the competition through continuously developing new organizations to add to the value chain.

Eva Cosmetics


Akhnaton Trading and Representation


One of the top 3 agents for machinery in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries

Akhnaton Trading and Distribution is a full-fledged commercial service provider. It is the commercial and distribution arm of EVA Group across Egypt and more than 20 countries worldwide. It is the brand builder of Eva Cosmetics, planning and executing all their marketing activities.

Akhnaton Trading and Distribution


Nefertiti Chemicals


A major importer that hunts the world for the finest and rarest natural ingredients, then supplies all companies within the group with their needs and wants in chemicals

Provider of technical maintenance and calibrations for all machinery in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics businesses.

Akhnaton Engineering




Primarily a land reclamation company that was founded with the objective of turning barren tracts of desert land to fertile productive fields. So far, the company has transformed 1,500 acre land into farm land.

Founded over a decade ago, Eva Pharma has become one of the leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the MENA region, providing over 120 pharmaceutical products.

EVA Pharma


Eva Cosmetics new facility


Occupying a 40,000 m2-area of land and with a capacity of 384 million units a year, the new facility allowed for the groups further expansion.

An entity that designs and manufactures machinery for Cosmetics, Pharma & Food industries that meet industry needs and relevant quality level

Akhnaton Mechatronics


Dr. Mounir Armanious Foundation


In the memory of the group’s founder, Armanious group launched an entity with the sole objective of providing social care and services to the community.

Evagro for food manufacturing




An experienced below the line creative agency, that provides creative solutions for all activities from planning to execution.

A corporation based in France that specializes in manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting cosmetic products.





Eva Biomedical European Development Institute, was launched in Hungary. It focuses on developing topical semisolid drug delivery systems for both biomedical and personal care agents.

A pharmaceutical company established in Sudan, for the purpose of manufacturing, trading and distributing medicines.

Eva Smart Pharmaceutical Company


Eva Pharma for Pharmaceutical Industries


A state-of-the-art scalable dedicated manufacturing facilities

(Mounir Armanious Research Center) is our state of the art research facility. MARC has been established since 2018 and is currently the largest dedicated site for pharmaceutical development and services in the MENA region.





Western medical quality care at affordable rates with local resources to bridge the gap between Health & Care; through providing Peace of Mind to our members via offering a disruptive healthcare eco-system.

EVA Group Limited acquired majority shares in the European manufacturing facility, Soliteint, which is located in Hungary. Soliteint has the capabilities to manufacture all types of personal care products, not only for its brand but also for more than 28 toll & private label customers.



Global Presence

Strategically located in Egypt, Eva cosmetics enjoys the benefits of this privileged position and the significant time advantage it provides to serve markets around the world. This position along with the resources of the EVA Group has allowed Eva to go beyond its home market and excel on a global scale by exporting to 21 countries and the launching of offices and factories in numerous countries. Eva’s culture of innovation and strenuous quality control standards has earned it an international reputation of excellence and credibility. Our success is illustrated in our portfolio of international markets that continues to expand year on year. Eva Cosmetics is market leader in most personal care categories in Egypt. Its success along with the backing of EVA Group, has provided it with the knowledge and resources to expand globally. Currently Eva Cosmetics exports its products to 22 countries worldwide. Over the years, it has created an impressive international portfolio that spans some of the biggest accounts and distributors in the MENA region. In addition to our success in exporting, 2013 and 2014 witnessed the launching of cosmetic brands and factories in the MENA region and Europe. EBEDI: Ka & Ba Cosmetics Brand in Hungary NEUTH: Biomedical Institute in France Soliteint: Cosmetics facility in Hungary




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