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Internships and Student Activities

Summer Internship Programs :

As we believe that the new generations are our future leaders, in EVA Cosmetics we care to provide university students the chance to explore, learn and practice the real work experience through our summer internship programs in different departments, guided by our experienced mentors to educate them about our daily work processes and operations,

Our interns pass by many stages in their journey including: orientation, factory visits, learning and on the job trainings, technical and soft skills training sessions and projects submission. Lastly, a graduation ceremony that enhances their skills, knowledge and abilities.

College & Universities Student Factory Visits

Providing students the chance to visit Eva Cosmetics factory for the purpose of observing and having a tour, is a way of helping them get introduced to the real work environment and daily operations.

Also, the experience of exploring and learning about different departments and majors to guide them in determining their future career pathway.