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“Enriching Lives Through Better Personal Care”

Eva Skin Care

50 years ago, one of the pioneering brands in the Egyptian cosmetics market was launched, Eva Skin Care. Eva Skin Care envisions a world where all women are empowered and hold the position they deserve, regardless of their differences and changing interests. Women need to be appreciated for their worth, and be recognized for their beauty inside and out.

Eva Skin Care’s advanced portfolio is continuously growing to provide women with the best quality skin care products at the best prices in the region. Our use of natural ingredients and diversification, catering to all skin types and skin care routine functions, make Eva Skin Care’s presence at home indispensable.

General Purpose Creams (GPC)

The cornerstone of the brand, this is the ancestor of the Eva Skin Care product line, which made the development of all of its successors possible. We started with the Glycerin variant, which has ever since been a staple for millions of women to combat dry skin and achieve incomparable moisturizing and smoothness. As always we continued to progress and delivered the Honey variant for normal skin and the Yoghurt and Cucumber variant for oily skin so all women can have the silky smooth skin they deserve.

  • Facial Wash

In 2011, Eva Skin Care supplied the needs of every woman’s daily facial cleansing and make-up removal, and delivered our exceptional Facial Wash in the same familiar variants we all adore: Glycerin (dry skin), Honey (with exfoliating properties) and Yoghurt and Cucumber (oily skin).

  • Facial Wipes

Every woman needs a dependable pack of facial wipes at home or on the go. Eva Skin Care Facial Wipes launched in 2012 effectively removing the most stubborn make-up, while retaining your glow and moisture.

  • 7-in-1 Facial Cream

This revolutionary cream introduced in 2019 is enriched with essential Vitamins like B3, B5, E and C giving the 7 benefits every lady’s face needs:

  • Improving skin’s elasticity and firmness
  • Providing glowing and pure skin
  • Unifying skin tone
  • Restoring skin’s softness
  • Providing intensive moisturizing
  • Giving your skin a youthful look
  • Minimizing the appearance of pores

Intensive repair family

The latest stop in our illustrious journey to attain every woman’s needs, Eva Skin Care now provides specific products for intensive repair and moisturizing, with the most modern and attractive fragrances and formulas in the market. Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Hand Scrub, Heel Cream, Foot Cream, Foot Scrub and Cuticle Remover: an exemplary collection for every part of your body.

EVA Body Splash

Eva Skin Care introduces a new sub brand which offers specialized skin care experiences in a variety of trendy fragrance collections

The first product by Eva Skin Care Senses is the body splash with 5 unique fragrances: Love Tale, Summer Twist, Gold Spell, In the Clouds, Cozy Dream.

EVA Care Shower Gel


Eva Skin Care Shower Gel is the perfect choice for a shower experience full of softness and freshness. Its unique formula cleans the body and forms a rich lather with a beautiful fragrance to enjoy your bath. Available in Four Fragrances.

EVA Care Hand wash


Eva Skin Care Liquid Hand Wash, with its unique formula, deeply cleans the hand, while its rich lather leaves them soft with a beautiful refreshing fragrances.