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“Enriching Lives Through Better Personal Care”

Application Request for Contract Manufacturing

Company name
Product name
Contact person
Contact details
Company profile Enclosed

Project Scope & General Details for Initialization

Dosage form (e.g.: cream, lotion, gel, shampoo,….etc)
Volume / Grammage

Raw materials
Inner pack
Outer pack
Annual quantities
Target ex-work price
Target launch date
In case MOH registration is required To be handled by:
Target launch date
Target Markets
mention the countries for export

Packaging & Formulation Details

Pack Type & Material:
Inner pack
Inner pack
Closure Color
Pack Color
Label Type


Purpose of the Product:
Targeted Area (Face, Neck, Hair, Body…etc.)
Dosage Form (cream, lotion, powder…etc.)
Volume or Grammage: (….ml/…..g)
Fragrance direction:
After Feel Effect:
Expected Frequency of Application:
Any proposed Active Ingredients:
Are there any obvious negative effects to be omitted?
Please state the most important results (proposed ideas) in case of any focus groups or any other market research
Benchmark (Sample to be provided with filled application)
Years of validity needed: